Clearly, the commercial department of the World Padel Tour has never been so active! The Spanish circuit signs a new audiovisual broadcasting rights contract with the Chilean OTT platform Zapping this time.

Multiplication of contracts

It is back to the wall that we are sometimes the most effective at padel. This statement is true for the World Padel Tour.

Shaken by several letters from the Association of Professional Players and the FIP, and threatened by the shadow of the new QSI/FIP/PPA circuit, the World Padel Tour signs one contract per week at the moment. Enough to make the circuit grow.

Zapping, an OTT platform

After the announcement of the partnership with Movistar + for broadcasting on a pay channel in Spain, it is now with the Chilean market that the rights are sold.

"It is excellent news that the World Padel Tour be accessible to all Chilean fans thanks to Zapping. The circuit will be on a platform where the product will be cared for and valued, and where all the fans will be able to enjoy it in its true dimension. It will be an exciting season and the perfect scenario for Chile to get to know all the players and players in depth,” explains Mario Hernando, general manager of the WPT.

Zapping is an OTT platform that offers live sports and on-demand audiovisual content. With the acquisition of the WPT rights, the platform seeks to attract 15 players from padel chileans.

source: 2playbook

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