The French championships of padel 2015 have been launched since last June, and already, teams are emerging: 15 men's and 11 women's teams.

The southern leagues "favorite"

In the South of France, the leagues are full of very good players, and it is very difficult for each pair to come out of these regional phases.

The league Midi-Pyrénées

The Midi-Pyrénées region is famous for being a stronghold of the French padel. And she demonstrates it again with the regional stage man that took place at the beginning of July. Cédric Carité and Alexis Salles came out. 26 teams have registered for this regional padel championship, mainly the Club de l'Hers and the Blagnac Tennis Club

The league of Provence

The league of Provence also offered its regional stages. For women, Laura Clergue and Audrey Casanova (Set Club) are the big winners. This pair had already been talked about at the end of June by losing narrowly in the semifinals of the international tournament in Aix-en-Provence. For men, it is the winners of the Beausoleil tournament, Laurent Boulade and Jérôme Ferrandez who succeed in winning in this league.

The league of Lyonnais

Naomi Bearcroft / Julie Ravier and Serge Reisinger / Simon Desliens will represent the Lyonnais league where the padel is booming.

The French Riviera League

The Côte d'Azur league is certainly the most complicated for the best French pairs, because the competition is very tough. It is finally the pairs Sandy Godard / Géraldine Sorel and Robin Haziza / Jérémy Scatena who will represent the azure colors.

The CBBL league (Basque Coast Bearn Landes Tennis)

Finally, on the side of the Basque coast, it is Franck Binisti and Justin Garnier who succeed hard to win against Raphaël JANNEL, the former French champion Beach-tennis and Yohan Ponchet. In women it is dangerous Camille Maissonnave and Alice Tisset who will take the road to Lyon next October.

The league of Guyenne

Raphaël Ouvrard / Grégory Monge and Mélanie Urvoy / Alexa Lafitte have won the title of Guyenne champion Padel 2015. They will represent their league in Lyon.

The Languedoc-Rousillon league

Jean Pascal Pellicer / Erwan Nicol and Line Meites / Emmeline Lambrejts earned their place at the Saint Cyprien club.

The Dauphiné-Savoie league

In Grenoble, Jean Charles COLAS-ROY and Alexandre PERILHON collect the last two tickets for the short trip to Lyonnaise!

The north in ambush ...

In the north, the level is higher and higher, even if it is reasonable to think that the pairs from the south will trample the best places. Though…

The league of Flanders

The League of Flanders will count on the 2 pairs of Tennis Club de Valenciennes (TSBV), Johan Romanowski / Thomas Dulion and Oceane Kik / Sylvia Sannelli who managed to qualify for Padel Attitude (Lille).

The league of Val de Marne

Fabien Veber and Fabrice Ortiz also won during the qualifying phases of the Val de Marne League.

The league Val d'Oise

In the Val d'Oise, you will have to pay close attention to the formidable pair Morgan Mannarino and Jérémie Campos. Sabrina Rioja and Monica Blankson-Hemans will represent their league as well.

The league Picardie

In Picardy, you will have to rely on a 100% FFT pair: Eric Quillet / Benjamin Kosir.

The League of Pays de Loire

Séverine Huet and Mallory Preel for the women, Simon Boissé and Samuel Devrand for the men will be the first teams to represent the Pays de la Loire at the 1st French Championship of padel.

The League of the Center

In the women's category, Delphine Guillon and Emilie Thauvin win, and the men's winners are Virgile Amiot and Xavier Thomas. The 2 teams thus win a qualifying place for the French Paddle Championships.

The league Essonne

On September 5, the Essonne league was one of the last leagues to offer its regional stage. It is Loïc Lepanse / Sébastien Ruiz for the men and Kildine Albert / Nadia Boussard for the women who will leave for the Padel Club of Lyon.

The finals at Padel Club de Lyon

The final stages of the French championships will take place at Padel Club de Lyon on October 16, 17 and 18 in Lyon and will close a whole week of entertainment and activities for what will undoubtedly be the first major annual celebration of the Padel French!

Jérôme Becasset and Franck Binisti

Jerome Becasset

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