Alex Arroyo and Mario Ortega: the same goal

Alex Arroyo (19) and Mario Ortega (18) won the FIP Rise of Canet-en-Roussillon showing a consistency unsuitable for their age. The two Spaniards are certainly gone to shine in the sky of padel international.

Despite different trajectories on the World Padel Tour (Alex Arroyo is ranked number 68, he plays alongside the experienced Alvaro Cepero (35), while Mario Ortega is 214th and has only played 12 games on the WPT since his debut in 2019), the two young men have the same objective: to get closer to the summits.

A magical atmosphere in Canet

Padel Magazine : Before talking about your victory, let's talk about this atmosphere. More than 1 people for an event that breaks all records in France. How did you experience this moment?

Alex Arroyo:“It was a really cool vibe. I felt right at home. I will come back to this event every time it is organized! ”

Padel Magazine : Mario, you are only 18 years old, and you won your first international tournament. How do you feel ?

Mario Ortega:“I am very happy, and what makes me the happiest is to see so many people here. the padel grows, and it makes you want to continue. I will continue to play this sport, and to train. ”

“I want to be n ° 1”

Padel Magazine : Alex, you are one of the new nuggets of padel Spanish, how far can you get?

Alex Arroyo:“Every day I work for be number 1. I'll try. For now, the results are with me, but you can't be too confident and keep adding new things every day. ” 

Padel Magazine : You are often presented as the man who beat Lebron / Galan (it was with Salva Oria during the 2019 Spanish Championships), the one who had a match point against Bela / Sanyo this year (still with Salva Oria, in Valencia). Do you feel that you are a few details away from reaching the level of these world stars?

Alex Arroyo:“Yes, I am at the level, but it is not enough because against Bela / Sanyo there was only one point left but we did not manage to conclude. We have to continue the work, to try to be at the top with the others. ”

“My trainers instilled it in me”

Padel Magazine : Mario, you are younger than your teammate. What is your plan to get to this level?

Mario Ortega:“I'm just starting to play the World Padel Tour with regularity. I had done it before, but now I'm really starting. My goal is to reach the highest point. I'm going to train like every day is my last, and we'll see where it takes me. ”

Padel Magazine : You make very few mistakes, you show real consistency, and you are mentally strong. How do you manage to have these qualities at your young age?

Mario Ortega:“This is all training, that's what my coaches taught me. Gradually, my game developed this way. ”

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Lorenzo Lecci Lopez