APT Padel Tower: a Tito Allemandi/Tolito Aguirre pair!

Tito Allemandi and Tolito Allemandi have it announced on Instagram : they will now share the track on the APT Padel Tower !

This is a pair that promises to be explosive! Tito and Tolito, two players with strong temperaments, have decided to team up on the Fabrice Pastor circuit.

These two Argentinians, who entertained us as opponents in Seville, will now play on the same side of the track.

It remains to be seen who will play, who will play on the left and who will play on the right. Indeed, the two men were up to now on the right, but they are both quite capable of doing the job on the left! In any case, the public is already impatient to see two of the most charismatic players on the circuit at work together!

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Xan Tafernaberry