What does the players' pallet contain? Villalba answers us

Maria del Carmen Villalba, professional player pointing at the 19th place of the World Padel Tour, invites us to discover the interior of a professional player paletero. And there are things ...

Being a professional player requires taking everything you need during the many trips made throughout the year. Since time is running out, you might as well have all the comfort and the usual products at your fingertips. Thanks to her super paletero full of pockets, Maria del Carmen Villalba offers us 5 minutes of video to “empty” her bag.

Maria always travels with two pieces of luggage; the paletero and either a backpack with the necessary, or a suitcase. This year, her sponsor provided her with a super paletero with lots of pockets, very useful because she tends to lose things.

First of all the most important, the palas. 2 palas for this player who always poses a new grip before entering the track. On the main compartment, the necessary for the shower, a towel and a light and comfortable outfit to go to the physiotherapist. To be able to be manipulated by the physiotherapist, the players must be showered. Still in terms of dress, Maria systematically takes a second outfit, the same color as her partner (rules require).

Drinks are also an important part of his paletero. According to a very specific diet, taking this type of drink before, during and after the competition is important.

To be comfortable when traveling and not to have too compressed feet in the shoes for the track, a pair of light shoes completes the paraphernalia of the major compartment.

In a small pocket, the important things for her. Music of all kinds. Calm during the day, and much more invigorating on the way before entering the track. There is also accreditation, handkerchiefs and a grip. Another pocket is dedicated to the storage of jewelry, hair elastics, medicines ...

Another pocket to carry the wrists. Maria prefers to separate them from the rest of the laundry, one for quick access during the matches, and two so as not to wet the rest of her things.

The typical pocket for storing the wallet, car keys, mobile phone and a product to hydrate the eyes because Maria, who has had myopia, must regularly apply drops.

Finally, the holdall pocket for forgotten items. Headphones, cards, watches, etc. end up in the latter compartment.


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Julien Bondia