Thomas Enqvist: “The padel, a social sport”

The former world No. 4 in the rankings ATP, Thomas Enqvist, spoke at the microphone of Padel Magazine during the Head Padel Open which took place from July 23 to 24.

"I try to play regularly at padel "

Padel Magazine : What did you think of this tournament and this match?

Thomas : “It's really great to be here. The tournament is really good with this center court and this atmosphere. The games were nice, I have a really good partner (Thomas Vanbauce) who plays a very good " padel ". It's really just fun, it's cool!

Padel Magazine : Do you play tennis a lot? And at padel ?

Thomas : “Yes, I still play a little tennis. About the padel, I try to play regularly but not all the time either.

I really like it padel, it's a good sport. You take pleasure, always in double so it is a sport that can be described as "social".

In Sweden it's really a sport that has exploded, a lot of people practice it. It's really very fun! »

"All sports with a ball appeal to me"

Padel Magazine : What is the difference between playing a final of Grand Chelem tennis and play padel here in a "friendly" tournament?

Thomas : “Obviously there is a small difference (laughs). But that's just as well: from the moment a ball is in play, I enjoy it. I like all sports, football, padel, tennis.. I like all sports with a ball or a ball. And it's really cool to be here and hit the track."

Padel Magazine : What are your expectations for this tournament?

Thomas : “I don't know, I've seen a lot of very good players. I think it's going to be really difficult, but as I said earlier I have a very good partner. So we'll see, but I'm looking forward to the next game. »

Padel Magazine : Are you used to playing on the right? Or on the left?

Thomas : “I'm probably more used to playing on the left, but it's a good excuse to have (laughs)! »

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