In Spain, the padel goes to shopping malls

Le padel never ceases to surprise us.

While we talked a lot about the development of the discipline in countries like Sweden, Italy or even Belgium, we must not forget that in the holy land of padel which is Spain, this sport continues to gain more and more momentum.

Indeed while the number of licensees padel reached new heights in the iberian peninsula, we see that a good number of clubs continue to be created all over the country.

Du padel in a mall

This time it is in the largest shopping center in the Asturias region, in the province of Aviles, that a new club will see the light of day in April 2022.

It is within the Astur Park than the new club World Padel Center will be added to the long list of services offered by the centre.

A center equipped with all the latest fashion shops and various leisure facilities such as escape games or a climbing room, which will now accommodate padel.

This news will surely delight local aficionados as demand in the region is growing and this club will in fact become the most important in Asturias.

An area of ​​2m²

We are talking about an investment of around 500 euros for this club which will extend over an area of ​​000m² and will be made up of 2 padel, 2 pickleball courts, locker rooms offering all the necessary comfort, and a shop. Rest assured that post-match drink enthusiasts, the bar-cafeteria corner has obviously not been forgotten!


Note that these two pickleball tracks will be the very first in the region. A novelty for local players who would like learn about this sport that came straight from the United States!

NB: Note that in Madrid, the padel has been appearing in shopping centers for several years. 


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