Stéphane Penso tests the news Head Gravity!

The Austrian brand returns to us in the middle of summer with this new series Gravity and closes the loop by offering a wide range of products to satisfy all playing styles.

After the series Delta, diamond shaped with aggressive characteristics, and the versatile Alpha in the shape of a drop of water, here we are in front of 3 round-shaped models focused on control.

Gravity Pro

It is the most powerful pala of the three that we will see today, and this for two reasons. It has carbon fiber faces for more rigidity and its balance is really accentuated in the head. It is designed for experienced players who want precision while getting maximum weight on hard shots.

Its shape also provides more forgiveness to maintain comfort and enjoyment on off-center balls. As for its balance, which is therefore ultimately quite high, it will offer the explosiveness and precision so sought after by purebred attackers.
In the short game and the fast game, it is a bit restrictive because the balance is in the lead, but for all that is volleys of attack, smashes and other final blows, it is a real pleasure.

The brand's latest innovations are integrated into this model. To know :

Auxetic: The carbon fiber is woven in a special way and strategically positioned in the frame of the racquet, the Auxetic construction will provide the carbon with characteristics that allow its fibers to expand and contract on impact with the ball for a return exceptional energy and excellent feeling.

Extreme Spin : a rough surface of circular shape which facilitates the taking of effect.

Power foam : soft foam to obtain a remarkable ball exit.

Anti Shock Spin : this unique polymeric material has enabled HEAD to create protection against shocks to best preserve your racket. Placed on the frame, this special layer guarantees a better durability of your racket and also allows it to resist friction.

Smart bridge : Unique bridge design to optimize the playability of the racquet.

Tailored Frame : tubular construction that optimizes the flexibility and the sensations of the racket.
Each part of the racquet is independently constructed for better performance.


It's exactly the same model as the Pro, but with 15 grams less and a balance brought back to the handle. Pala much more manageable and much less powerful than its big sister, it is ideal for those looking for accessibility and indulgence. Indeed, its round shape, its magic sweet-spot and its fiberglass faces make this racquet the queen of comfort and convenience.

In game, it is a delight at all times to play with this kind of racket. Already, when you grab it, you are seized by its weight distributed towards the handle. On the fly, it's a festival! Convenience, tolerance and pleasure characterize this reference which will delight more than one.

From the baseline and in defence, its very low balance will get you out of very delicate situations. Unfortunately, in the game phases that require imperialism and rusticity, this Gravity Motion will show its limits and you will be forced to demonstrate additional technicality in order to bring chaos when finalizing the point.

Gravity Elite

It's the happy medium between a power-focused Pro and a maneuverability-focused Motion.
Benefiting from a neutral balance and a weight located exactly between the two other models (365gr), it is a versatile pala that does not belong in the concession.

This is the model I preferred because it incorporates all the positive points of its two cousins ​​without adding any weaknesses.

Everything is there, neutral balance, ideally distributed weight, handling, stability and power.
Thanks to its fiberglass faces, it favors bullet output over raw power, and offers obvious vibration suppression and a much larger sweet-spot than on full carbon models.

In game, she is quite powerful, pleasant on the fly, does the job in defense, and she is, in my opinion, the most visually pleasing to watch.

But let's not forget the basics of this series Gravity, control and comfort, which is therefore primarily aimed at those who wish to play in the best conditions of serenity and therefore relief.


Three models for three different uses, and a unique rubber, the brand's famous Power Foam, which generates a drier touch while maintaining great comfort. Graphene has been used in the structure of all these models, which gives them great resistance.

On the track, the BESS is really powerful, but head-heavy and unresponsive. I enjoyed sending mines in smashes as well as countering in block, on the other hand at the defensive level and in the volley/volley reactive game, it will sin a little because of its rather high balance. I recommend this racquet to advanced or even expert players who will find in this model the punto dulce of a round shape and the power of a diamond shape.

About the Motion, it's a pala that surprised me in many ways. Control and comfort sum up this racquet perfectly. Indeed, its light weight and its extreme maneuverability make this model a delight at all times, where each strike will be welcomed with unequaled serenity thanks to its shape, its balance and above all its fiberglass faces. Of course, blaster friends, go your own way, you'll have power, for the most technical among you, but that's not the heart of this reference. With this pala, you feel safe and can improve your game without being penalized by the rigidity of carbon or the weight of balanced models in the head.
This racquet will be recommended for beginners to experienced players, especially juniors, women, and all those who suffer from elbow pain.

The version Elite is the one that I appreciated the most overall, and also the most aesthetic for my taste. It is a versatile reference, which offers more neutral and centered characteristics in order to best comply with the wishes of future buyers. More manageable and comfortable than a Pro, more powerful and stable than a Motion, it's the ideal compromise for those who hesitate between the other two models. And, delicious news, it's the cheapest!

Note that on these three models, the cosmetics are different depending on the side you are looking at.

A nod to Head which innovates once again with these references, as it had already done with the Gamma and Omega.

Thanks to Manu and Julien for French Padel Shop who sent me these models on the day of their official release, always on top Frenchy's!

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Stéphane Penso