In the competitive world of padel, Léo Poulain stands out not only for his talent on the field, but also by his presence on social networks.

In a recent post on LinkedIn, Leo raised a question that resonates with many athletes seeking funding: how can a person with his level live from padel ? This question opens the door to a broader subject, that of financial viability in the padel.

The reality of padel professional

Le padel, although in full expansion, remains a land where only a few chosen ones can claim to earn their living. Leo openly admits that he is not considered a “very good" player. However, unlike the best players, who benefit from sponsor support in exchange for visibility on their jersey, Léo had to borrow a different way.

This situation highlights a truth often ignored in professional sport: being a top athlete does not automatically guarantee a stable income. In France, there are very few, perhaps a maximum of ten, to be able to live fully from their passion.

Content creator and influencer

Léo Poulain was able to intelligently navigate the landscape of padel by investing in the developing your online presence. Léo regularly posts engaging and informative content on his social networks on the padel. His approach illustrates a new reality for modern professional players: the need to develop their online presence.

Leo Poulain
Leo Poulain

The new reality of sport and social networks

Today, the impact and presence on social networks have become criteria as important, if not more, than pure skill in sport. Brands tend to favor athletes who, although perhaps less efficient, have a following and engaged audience on the Internet.

This trend reveals a sometimes bitter reality of modern sport: athletic performance is no longer the only factor of success. For Leo, this situation is both an opportunity and a challenge. He recognizes that to maximize his potential and attractiveness as a professional player, he must continue to progress, while strengthening its online presence.

To achieve his ambitions, Léo is also engaged in a active search for partnerships as well as funding. So far he has managed to secure half of the necessary budget to finance his season.

If you want follow your journey, his training sessions, his matches, as well as his meetings with other players and experts in the padel, you can subscribe to his Youtube channel : Leo Poulain Padel.

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