Today, we are dealing with a slightly different episode in the series At the heart of padel. Indeed, Paul Daulan and his coach Andoni Bardasco from Padel Stuff Bilbao answers questions from Internet users, and some of them are very interesting:

  • Do we always have to return to the server at padel ?
  • The tracks of padel are they the same in France and Spain?
  • Can we let the ball pass between our legs in defense?
  • ...

There is even a question from a certain “Zizou” asking for a video on the vibora...

Want to know the answers to all these questions? It's happening right below!

Xan is a fan of padel. But also rugby! And his posts are just as punchy. Physical trainer of several padel, he unearths atypical posts or deals with topical subjects. It also gives you some tips to develop your physique for the padel. Clearly, he imposes his offensive style as on the field of padel !