Good question, isn’t it? How do we define a good or a bad player de padel ? Even though you probably have your own definition, we will also try to provide one.

First, is it correct to consider yourself “good” or “bad”? Actually no. To say that you are “good” would be pretentious and to say that you are “bad” would be demeaning. So from this basis we can say that all players are people who have the right to play, to participate in games, but who always have room for improvement.

Here are some points that we thought it would be good to develop, there are surely others, which you can of course note in the comments.

Make others play

Should a good player, in a match where he feels superior, win all the points? Or take most of your partner's balls? In a tournament perhaps, but certainly not in a friendly match. The good player must make his partner and the opponents play so that the game is enjoyable. If this is not the case, it is because either this player does not know how to play differently – and he will have to learn – or he knows, but does not want to make the effort, and will no longer be invited on this type of game and will pay dearly in higher level matches where he/she will be the weakest of the four…


The good player is that person who transmits his passion for sport to others. He encourages people to do better, he even congratulates opponents. It is fair play and will connect people together so that future encounters can be created. It is a driving force of the club or group.


On the field now, the good player is able to play quickly, slowly, vary the areas of play, depths, heights, effects. He does not hesitate to work on his defense with the windows. He also knows how to play with partners of different levels to learn, again and again. Vary to adapt: ​​class.

Stay open-minded

"The padel, it plays like this. You don't play padel, you play tennis on a tennis court padel.” Have you never heard that? The good player never says that because he understands that this young sport must learn from all possible backgrounds. No judgment. Everyone has the right to be there, placed where they want, with the grip they want, with the sporting background they have. This is how the good player will learn new techniques and new players will create their own.

Keep the smile 

Isn't it great to play against someone who keeps smiling, no matter the situation? Easy point, complicated, after a stroke of luck, after a viciously played shot at the grid, after a par 3, or even after losing 7/6 in the 3rd set.

Juani De Pascual smiling Verbier A1 2023

The good player thinks above all about having fun: even if the pace on the track was high, even if the points were tight, even if one or both opponents did not have a good spirit. The worst would be to respond with malice. These stressed players have not understood the difference between fighting for each ball, fighting for each point through physical commitment, and fighting verbally against opponents who come to have a good sporting time.

Being a good player is more than just having a good level, being well ranked. Being a good player is above all a state of mind. What do you think ? Go!

Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a teacher of padel in Tenerife (Spain). Columnist and advisor, he helps you play better through his tutorials and tactical/technical articles padel.