We prefer to tell you right away, if you live in the Tropics, this article should not do much for you. You can take a look at our section At the heart of padel and you will certainly find more suitable topics. On the other hand, if you live in a country where the mercury tends to go down in winter, this is a post that should interest you!

As always we find Andoni Bardasco, the academy coach Padel Stuff, and the now famous Paul Daulan. Small difference, it's a little cold in Bilbao, and the two men decided to put on pretty hats!

If the two men now have warm ears, the bullets and the windows remain cold. A problem for Paul who notices that his “Par 3“, and his smashes in general, are not as effective as when it is hot. And once you reach a certain level, it's difficult to earn points at padel when the smashes don't come out of the windows...

But don't panic, as always, Andoni has the solution. First use more bandeja, which will rise less after touching the windows and which will therefore be more effective. Then, use what is often called the “winter smash”, or remate de invierno in Spanish. A shot that will be hit flat, attempting to impact the ball low and hard enough, towards the defender's feet, for a shot that will surprise opponents and force them to sprint towards the net after impact with the window.

Want to know everything about this shot that works really well when it's cold? See you just below:

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