And yes, it's not easy to play against left-handed players padel, it's rare to have one in your diagonal so you're quickly surprised when it happens.

Léo Poulain has just released his new YouTube video entitled “Match against the 7th French player” and that’s good because it’s Dylan Guichard, one of our national left-handers.

As a reminder, Léo’s ambition is to reach the top 200 in the world in the next 2 years.

On the other hand, he is very clear about the progress he has to make and improving against left-handers is one of them.

“I never play against lefties in Spain so playing against Dylan was super weird, the bounce is not the same, I have to find completely different angles to bother him, he can take the ball out of my side and so on…”

“After the match against Dylan, I called a friend of mine who is left-handed and I played the range 2 hours a day for a week to really understand it all. »

Because that is the key to padel, repetition and questioning.

If you want to see a fight between our French number 7 and one of the most influential content creators on the padel, This is where it happens.