Ale Galan and Juan Lebron have displayed a very high level of play since the start of the WPT German Open, proof of this with this crazy point against Diestro/Leal.

It is customary to say that it is when their backs are against the wall that great champions are the most formidable. And this is what Juan LeBron and Ale Galan are proving to us, that some see separation in this delicate season, marked by injuries and frustration.

As they emerge from a premature elimination in Madrid, which occurred just after the loss of their coach, the Spaniards have the knife between their teeth. After dominating Gil/Moyano in the first round in Düsseldorf, Ale and Juan literally crushed Diestro and Leal yesterday in the round of XNUMX.

Victorious 6/1 6/1, the Spaniards were irresistible, as evidenced by this crazy point, marked by incredible defenses, including one with the racket behind Galan's back. Treat yourself !

Galan Lebron will they be able to continue playing at this level in Germany? Answer this evening!

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