6 months before the first international tournament of padel in Mauritius, the FIP STAR MAURITIUS 2024, Fabien Conjat, fan of padel and traveler, offers us his point of view on the development of padel in Mauritius.

Urban Padel : 1800 members across 3 clubs

“The northern part of the island saw the padel develop before the south, thanks to a greater population density. The south of the island is starting to have a good supply around Tamarin.

The Urban group Padel has set up two centers in Gros Cailloux and Rivière Noire, offering 2 and 4 slopes in heavenly environments, as is often the case in this destination.

I was able to play a few games with local players, thanks to Stéphane, the coach of the Gros Cailloux site, and I advise all lucky vacationers passing through this corner of the Indian Ocean to get in touch and take advantage of the 'experience.

The franchise has around 1800 members across the 3 locations.”

Different conditions from mainland France

“My feeling on the slopes is that they are more “soft” than in Europe, certainly because of the ambient humidity. The ball has less bounce height. Depending on the month, playing between 11 a.m. and 18 p.m. is a challenge given the conditions, but above all, go and try it if you are in these areas. Also prepare grip and balls because both suffer in these conditions.

Even without a car, taxis can help you out and I was even lucky enough to have Stéphane on one trip because he was on the way to my hotel.

I won't go so far as to choose the hotel according to the club but not far.

The Albion Club Med and a few Airbnbs are close to Gros Cailloux, which also benefits from a leisure center with towed wakeboard…

The hotel offer is larger on the Tamarin and Flic en Flac sides to access the 4 Urban grounds Padel and the Riverland center of the RM franchise.

Ideally, a car allows you to move around the different tracks across the island, such as playing a game at the magnificent Club de la Isla Padel, next to the Pamplemousse botanical garden – both to do.”

Fabien Conjat

Fan of padel and itinerant traveler, I offer you my point of view on the sites of padel worldwide. Have a good trip !