Grenoble Tennis Padel closed the first day of his P1000 under sunny skies which allowed the players to play some great matches.

The number 1 seed, Sanchez/Courrin, returned well to his tournament. Exempted from the first round, she found the Cazaban/Perilhon pair in 1/8, then the Rubio/Dizy pair in the 1/4 final. No worries for the duo who reached the semi-final. He will meet the Bayard/Macchi pair, seeded number 4.

No problem either for the Raichman/Ayuso pair (TS2), who stopped the fantastic ride of Cesaratto and Perrin, losers of the number 6 seed. The TS2 will meet the number 4 seed in the semi-final, Seux /Hayet.

The first four seeds will therefore have responded in this first P1000 contested in Isère. They will meet this Sunday, from 10:30 a.m., to earn their place in the final.

You can find live coverage of the semi-finals on Padel Magazine TV:

Gwenaelle Souyri

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