Hélène Cédileau, Vice-President of the Department of Ain in charge of sport and the Mayor of Bourg-en-Bresse, and Jean-François Debat, confirmed it to us: there will be a FIP again in Bourg-en-Bresse next season.

As explained by Ms. Cédileau, who said she was “very, very surprised by this very spectacular sport”, there is a desire to make this tournament padel “one of the biggest sporting events in the Department of Ain”. A desire to ensure that this event is long-lasting, as Mr. Debat also explains: “I want there to be other editions, to perpetuate the welcome here of another very high level event”. He adds: “If the organizers leave again, the wish will be to support a new edition.”

So it's off to a good start given that the organizer, Alexandre Picquier, wants to see the tournament renewed and perhaps even transformed into FIP Gold!

To see their interviews in full, click below:

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