Padel Magazine is still live from Roland-Garros this Thursday for the round of 2023 round of the Greenweez Paris Major XNUMX. Join us to experience the day's events as if you were there, with all the results, anecdotes and a point of view behind the scenes.

■ 23:25 p.m.- This live day is now over. We already give you an appointment tomorrow Friday for the quarter-finals, which will start at 14 p.m. Six matches are scheduled on the center court and four on the side courts.

■ 23:10 p.m.- Lorena and Alix's quarter-final opponents are known: they are Ale Salazar and Sofia Araujo, who came back from afar against Jensen and Virseda, beaten 2/6 6/2 7/5.

■ 22:59 p.m.- A French woman is in the quarter-finals of the Greenweez Paris Major. After a missed match point on a misunderstanding, the second is the right one for Colombon and Rufo, who won 6/4 6/2, to the cheers of the crowd. A convincing victory, acquired with style.

■ 22:52 p.m. - The Franco-Spanish pair increases their pressure, often making young Beatriz Caldera crack. Playing very fairly, they make another break: 5/2, service to follow.

■ 22:41 p.m.- The conceded break is immediately canceled by Nogueira and Caldera, who equalize 2/2. All the games are fierce and in the process, Collombon and Rufo resume the opposing service. They stay in front at 3/2, before confirming 4/2. It's starting to smell good.

■ 22:28 p.m.- We reach two hours of play on track 7, where Salazar / Araujo equalized at one set everywhere against Virseda / Jensen. The latter lead 3/2 in the 3rd set, without a break in advance.

■ 22:24 p.m.- The first break of the second set is in favor of Alix and Lorena, more conquering than their opponents.

■ 22:09 p.m. - At 5/4, although trailing 0-30 on Alix's serve, Collombon and Rufo hold on and win the first set 6/4. Last week in Tampere, they won 6/2 against the same opponents, before being caught.

■ 21:51 p.m. - The 7th game smiles on the French and the Spanish, who immediately resume the opposing service and lead 4/3, before confirming the break.

■ 21:45 p.m. - After a break obtained from the start by Collombon and Rufo, Caldera and Nogueira catch up and equalize 3/3. Everything has to be done again.

■ 21:12 p.m.- Alix Collombon and Lorena Rufo play the first exchanges of their round of 7 against Ana Catarina Nogueira and Bea Caldera. This is the last match of the day with the one between, on court 6, the pairs Salazar / Araujo and Virseda / Jensen. The latter won the first set with a score of 2/28. The temperature is now ideal for the players and the public: XNUMX°C.

■ 20:45 p.m. - The outcome of this match is ultimately quicker than expected: Rubio, obviously injured in the wrist and one leg, gives up while his team is trailing 2/0 in the last set. Belasteguin and Yanguas will therefore find Galan and Lebron in the quarter-finals.

■ 20:32 p.m. - After 2h15 of play, at the end of the set marked by several interruptions – the last for medical reasons at 6-4 in the tie-break – it was Gonzalo Rubio and Ale Arroyo who claimed the second set. Fernando Belasteguin, whose last counter failed in the net on a smash from Arroyo, will have to fight one more set to reach the quarter-finals.

We can nevertheless question Rubio's “sportsmanship” when he calls on the healer on set point, breaking the rhythm of the game...

■ 20:15 p.m. - Federico Mouriño and Agustin Silingo created an illusion during a set, before being subjected to the implacable law of Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan. The seeded No. 1 won 6/4 6/1 in one hour and eight minutes, winning 64 points out of 102 contested (63%). The defending champions in Paris are waiting for their opponents in the next round: it will be either Yanguas / Belasteguin or Arroyo / Rubio, still fighting it out on the center.

■ 20:10 p.m. - An unusual playing incident occurs after almost two hours of play in the match between Bela / Yanguas and Rubio / Arroyo: believing that Yanguas is serving above the belt, Gonzalo Rubio refuses to resume play and calls the supervisor. Verdict: the point is awarded to Yanguas/Belasteguin after 5 minutes of waiting, to the boos of the public.

■ 19:10 p.m. - Coello and Tapia are not the only ones wanting their revenge from the Finnish tournament: Alix Collombon and Lorena Rufo have a score to settle with Nogueira and Caldera, who beat them in three sets last week. This settling of scores will take place this evening around 20:30 p.m. on the Philippe-Chatrier court, after the current match between Bela / Yanguas and Arroyo / Rubio. The French number 1 told us her impressions before this match:

■ 18:45 p.m.- It's still a relative surprise: the seeded 6 of the men's draw was eliminated in straight sets by the seeded 9. In this case, it was Alex Ruiz and Juan Tello who bit the dust 6/2 6/4 facing Victor Ruiz and Lucas Bergamini. Very fit at the moment, the latter will challenge in the quarter-finals Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello, whom they beat to everyone's surprise last week at the WPT Finland Open.

■ 18:45 p.m. – While the charm of Arnaud Di Pasquale disturbed the listeners of France Inter, Paquito Navarro and Fede Chingotto also had fun on track 7 against Jaime Munoz and Jairo Bautista. The No. 4 seed crushed his Spanish opponents with a score of 6/2 6/1, in 52 minutes! They will therefore be much fresher, tomorrow in the quarter, than their opponents Capra / Sanchez, who had to battle for 2h45 against Gil and Moyano.

■ 18:25 p.m.- “Having an orgasm while playing sports”: this is the experience that Marine Baousson, one of the show’s columnists, dreamed of living “So far, so good“, broadcast this Thursday on France Inter. She therefore made an appointment – ​​in all honor – with Arnaud Di Pasquale, the director of the Greenweez Paris Major, who explained to her that at padel “Everyone is really having a lot of fun.”

Putting his words into action, the ex-tennis player, bronze medalist at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, explained on the court to the young woman why she had to attach herself with a strap: “It’s so that you don't hurt me!” The outcome of this immersive experience is that the sounds emitted during this part of padel with “DIP” are strangely similar to those of an orgasm. But we let you listen HERE to judge…

■ 17:55 p.m.- If the wind is non-existent today at Porte d'Auteuil, the players must adapt to playing conditions made both explosive and difficult by the heat and the sun. To learn more about everything that can affect the game, read this article:

■ 17:35 p.m. Capra and Sanchez are in the quarter-finals, at the end of the suspense! They win 6/4 2/6 7/5 after 2h44 of effort! But what a match! The Argentines could find Paquito Navarro and Fede Chingotto in the quarter-finals, if they win against Jaime Munoz and Jairo Bautista.

■ 17 p.m.- After a first set won 30/6, Gemma Triay and Marta Ortega had to work harder in the second. Nuria Rodriguez and Marta Talavan led 2/0 in this set but failed to maintain this advantage and lost 6/4.

■ 17:25 p.m.- We witness an incredible end to the match on court 7, where the tussle between Maxi Sanchez / Lucho Capra and Rami Moyano / Cisco Gil began more than 2:30 a.m. “It's fantastic this what they do, it’s monstrous,” say the most enthusiastic spectators, sweating just from sitting in the sun. Wetting the jersey even more, Sanchez and Capra made the break and lead 6/5 in the last set.

■ 16:55 p.m. Tamara Icardo and Virginia Riera have an appointment with Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria in the quarter-final, after their 6/2 6/2 success against Marta Caparros and Teresa Navarro. The score is nevertheless severe for this match which lasted no less than 1 hour 45 minutes, with many contested games.

■ 16:47 p.m. - Nuria Rodriguez and Marta Talavan could not do anything in the first set, won 6/2 by world No. 2 Gemma Triay and Marta Ortega, on center court.

■ 16:40 p.m. – On court no. 7, the clash between Maxi Sanchez / Lucho Capra and Rami Moyano / Cisco Gil
keeps its promises. The first, seeded 8, won the first set 1/6, but the TdS4 responded with a scathing 11/6 in the second.

■ 15:55 p.m. Aranzazu Osoro and Jessica Castello, struggling much more in the second set, finally won 6/1 7/6 against Carmen Goenaga and Lucia Martinez, in the space of 1 hour 40 minutes. Each pair lost their serve twice in this second set. In the quarter-final, Osoro and Castello will find the Brea / Gonzalez pair on their way.

■ 15:46 p.m. - It's over on the central, where a break in each set will have been enough to Tapia and Coello, who won 6/3 6/4 in 1 hour 07 minutes. Javier Rico seemed physically weakened at the end of the match: victim of heat stroke?

■ 15:35 p.m.- In two hours, the temperature has risen by 4 degrees, going from 28 to 32°. And the mercury is still climbing!

■ 15:25 p.m.- The defeat of Sanyo and Momo this morning is only a half-surprise, but it illustrates the fact that in this Greenweez Paris Major, the favorites are struggling, so far. The gaps are closing between the pairs and now it is becoming rare to reach the last four in an armchair...

■ 15:14 p.m. - Taking advantage of having the sun at their backs again, Coello and Tapia multiply the winning smashes to win the first round with a score of 6/3, winning 55% of the points contested.

The role of the sun

■ 15:02 p.m. - Even the best players in the world can completely screw up. On a 5/1 ball on Garrido's serve, the latter sent a lob more than 10 m high. Tapia wanted to spike without waiting for the rebound... and almost missed the ball, the sun in his face. Three huge smashes later, Garrido held his serve, returning to 2/4.

In the next game, Tapia, blinded, hits a backhand volley again with the edge, illustrating the difficulty of playing against the sun. Momo Gonzalez also made some gross errors for the same reason this Thursday. The central public concentrates wisely in the shaded areas of the stands, already well stocked (photo below).

■ 14:55 p.m.- On track 4, Aranzazu Osoro and Jessica Castello won the first set 6/1 against Carmen Goenaga and Lucia Martinez.

■ 14:50 p.m. - Start of the match hung in the center, where Tapia / Coello and Rico / Garrido in turn had to save a break point on their respective serves. But then the favorites made the holeshot, coming off 4/1.

■ 14:40 p.m. - This is the first (relative) surprise of these 8th finals: Sanyo Gutierrez and Momo Gonzalez take the door, beaten 7/5 6/2 by Jon Sanz and Coki Nieto. The Hispano-Argentinian pair did not recover from having led 5/3 in the first set, without managing to conclude the set. In the second set, Sanyo and Momo only won six points on the opposing serve... A defeat which should hurt the morale of this pair who alternate between good and bad.

■ 14:30 p.m. - As Sanyo's frustration suggested, he and Momo took the blame after losing the first set. Sanz and Nieto broke twice at the start of the second set, breaking away 4/0.

■ 14:28 p.m. – It’s also finished on track 6, where Bea González and Delfi Brea won 6/4 6/3 against Marina Guinart and Carolina Navarro.

To follow on this court is a new interesting match between the men's 8th and 11th seeds: Maxi Sanchez / Lucho Capra vs Rami Moyano / Cisco Gil.

A devastating power

■ 14:20 p.m. - Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello are expected on center court, where they will face the 12th best pair in the table, made up of Javi Rico and Javi Garrido. The latter will try to make the devastating power of his smash speak, but he should find someone to talk to in this area.

■ 14:14 p.m.- It's over on the Philippe-Chatrier court, where Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria have made short work of Claudia Fernandez Sanchez and Victoria Iglesias. The world No. 1 will have spent only one hour on the track, winning 63% of the 90 points played.

In the quarter-finals, the favorites could find Tamara Icardo and Virginia Riera, except surprise.

■ 14:12 p.m.- On track 6, Bea Gonzalez and Delfi Brea have won the first set 6/4 against Marina Guinart and Carolina Navarro, and have a break lead in the 2nd set.

■ 14:05 p.m.- Sanz and above all Nieto – author of two magnificent winning smashes – conclude the first set with 7/5 authority. Sanyo Gutierrez now displays his face of the bad days.

■ 14:00 p.m.- Things get complicated for Momo and Sanyo: after serving for the set, the Spanish-Argentinian pair have lost three games in a row and it is now Nieto and Sanz who will try to conclude the set on their service, but facing the sun, very inconvenient for the players. The 2nd break was achieved thanks to a stroke of luck from Sanz, whose backhand smash hits the net and deceives his opponents.

■ 13:55 p.m. – On the center court, the Sanchez / Josemaria pair enjoy a healthy walk, with a first won 6/0.

■ 13:50 p.m.- After a very balanced start to the match on track 6, Sanyo and Momo made the first break to lead 5/3 against Sanz and Nieto. But, taking advantage of two too short smashes from Gonzalez then Gutierriez, the Spaniards broke Sanyo and came back to 4/5.
The large audience present around the court appreciates the show.

■ 13:35 p.m.- If you are not lucky enough to be at Roland-Garros, you can still follow the matches in front of your screen. Details of schedules and channels broadcasting the matches is here.

New seats on sale

■ 13 pm It is already 20 degrees in the shade in Paris, and much more in the sun. The maximum forecast is 28° around 34 p.m.: this promises more advantage for the attackers, whose smashes reach the peaks when the temperatures rise.

Read this decryption of playing conditions according to temperature

■ 13:10 p.m.- Attention, it smells like powder on track 6, where the 7th seed Sanyo Gutierrez / Momo Gonzalez is struggling with Jon Sanz and Coki Nieto, seeded 10.

Read our interview with Jon Sanz

■ 13:00 p.m. – The first matches of the day are about to begin. On center court, hostilities begin with the big favorites in the women's draw, Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria. The TS1 are opposed to the TS10 Claudia Fernandez Sanchez / Victoria Iglesias.

Among the men, several clashes promise to be tempting, such as those between Sanyo/Momo vs Sanz/Nieto or Bergamini/V.Ruiz vs Tello/A.Ruiz.

■ 12:30 p.m. - The public is growing in number in the aisles of the Porte d'Auteuil stadium, as the level rises. Remember that yesterday evening, the FFT put new tickets on sale at reduced prices for the days of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and even Sunday. The ticket office is open on the official GPM website to buy tickets. And for the faithful readers of Padel Magazine, a competition will allow you to win two places for the day of Saturday and two for that of Sunday. Stay connected to our Instagram page !

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