Momo Gonzalez returned for our colleagues from Brand on his 2023 season. A very special year for the native of Antequera, who will have had four different partners, and will have finished on the right.

The Andalusian, who appreciates stability and long-term projects, feels relieved to be able to start again on a new dynamic with Fede Chingotto, a player with whom he has spoken several times about sharing the track, without this happening until now. For 2024, it’s confirmed, Momo and Fede will “finally” be able to play side by side.

And as expected, it is on the left side that the 26-year-old will begin this new stage of his career: “I feel much better on the left, even if I learned a lot during this short period on the right. It’s not that I hate this side, but I feel like I’m better on the left side.”

The one who gives himself “a 6 or 6,5 out of 10” for its passage to the right will find its natural position and form a duo which looks promising with “Super Raton”. Like many observers, Momo believes that the Gonzalez / Chingotto pair will be “rough thanks to its defensive qualities” and comfortable in slow conditions, but more difficult when “the conditions are faster and the attack predominates”.

Despite this, he hears “transform weak points into strong points” and aims to enter the Top 4 pairs. To achieve this, the Spanish-Argentinian pair, who will start the season in fifth place, will have to go ahead... Paquito and Sanyo, two former teammates of Momo and Fede... This looks to be very interesting!

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