Clearly, Tino Libaak and Leo Augsburger can't do it anymore! With confidence after having flew over the FIP Rise in Rotterdam, the two young players saw that it was much more complicated at the higher level.

Indeed, facing Mario Del Castillo and Miguel Benitez in the first round of the WPT Madrid Master, the Argentines were thoroughly dominated.

Final score 6/2 6/1 for Benitez and Del Castillo who clearly do not succeed in Leo Augsburger, he who lost to them with Javi Rico last July at Madrid P1. Very in good shape, the Andalusians will face the winners of the match between Di Nenno/Stupa and Huete/Marques on Thursday.

This heavy defeat worries a little on the side of Libaak and Augsburger, who have still not won a single match on the World Padel Tour since their return together at the end of July. Three defeats in the first round which must hurt the morale of the Argentines... Will we see them at their best again in Germany in a week?

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