Last meeting of the day in Madrid and not the least: the world numbers 1 Coello/Tapia were opposed to a completely new pair, uncle and nephew Gutiérrez. After getting scared in the quarter-final against the surprising Diestro/Leal pair, this season's big names crushed the Gutiérrez family. Final score: 6-1, 6-0 in less than an hour of play.

For their first association of the season, Sanyo Gutiérrez and Agustín Gutiérrez had the chance to play this semi-final at the Madrid Masters, after several victories in a row notably against Lebron/Galan and Capra/Sanchez. The youngest of the duo had difficulty hiding his emotion as he entered the field, a big smile on his lips.

Tapia/Coello, all finesse… or almost

They needed to reassure themselves, the world number 1, after their quarter-final won with forceps. And from the first points, the tone is set by Coello and Tapia who chain together powerful smashes. They directly break their opponents. With a little success, Agustín Tapia's aggressiveness is rewarded, just like that of Arturo Coello.

There are some great inspirations from the Gutiérrez side and a great defense from the magician Sanyo. But they can do nothing in the face of the enthusiasm of the number 1s. Under pressure on their commitment games, the Gutiérrez pair are stunned.

It took less than half an hour of the match for Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia to easily win the first set, 6-1.

Hurricane Tapia/Coello in action

The Gutiérrezes are looking for solutions to derail the Coello/Tapia machine, in vain. Broken from the start in this second round, they suffered from the frantic pace of their opponents who did not let them breathe.

3-0 after only seven minutes of play, there is very little suspense in this meeting. The Madrid public gives voice to each point won by the Gutiérrez family. The 11.000 spectators at the Caja Magica demand a spectacle and push behind the outsiders in this game.

There will be no miracle for the Gutiérrez in this meeting. It will take less than twenty minutes for the world number 1s, decidedly too strong, to win this second set with a dry and flawless score, 6-0 and put an end to the fairy tale of Sanyo and Agustín Gutiérrez.

The incredible match of numbers 1

In this particularly unbalanced meeting, the kings of the circuit impressed both with their aggressiveness and their quality of play. They did not concede a single break point during this meeting and won more than 71% of the points.

The emotion was visible in Agustín Tapia's eyes. Relieved by the victory, especially after this scare during the quarter-finals, Agustín Tapia had kind words for his opponents.

The Coello/Tapia pair therefore joins their best enemies Di Nenno/Stupaczuk for a match which has now become a clasico. They will try to win their sixteenth title this season, all circuits combined.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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