Third step on the A1 with a completely new destination for Fabrice Pastor's circuit: Santiago de Chile. The tournament will take place from April 15 to 21 and we now know the table for this third tournament.

The first two stages of the A1 have already reserved their share of surprises and have especially highlighted the brand new Aguirre/Alfonso pair, imperturbable at the start of the season. Indeed, Tolito and Gonza won the first two titles of the season, at the expense of Franco Da Bianco et Maximilian Maple, Among others.

Already during the first tournament in Puebla, Franco and Maximiliano were out in the 8th grade, leaving the field open for their dolphins. It will therefore be interesting to follow the journey of these two teams during the Chile Open, to see in particular how the numbers 1 will react. But also, to see if Tolito and Gonzalo will be able to keep up the pace.

As a reminder, the Aguirre/Alfonso pair has not yet lost a single set this season… and is on the way to the treble in Chile!

Three new pairs will also make their debut during this tournament: Andrés Britos/ Yain Melgratti, Matias Del Moral / Santiago rolla et Javier Perez / Victor Saenz.

A1 Chile Open
Gwenaelle Souyri

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