It's a big week of padel who awaits us, since in addition to Final Master of World Padel Tour, the A1 Master Final will also be played Padel.

Hostilities begin this Wednesday in Salta, Argentina, for the last tournament of the season on the Fabrice Pastor circuit.

The France Grand Master has distributed the last tickets for this tournament reserved for the eight best teams. Guiral and Urzola, who maintained the suspense until the end of the competition, were unable to realize their dream. They let Britos and Rolla fly to Salta. Here are the pairs that will be present:

  1. Arce / Dal Bianco
  2. By Pascual / Alfonso
  3. Allemandi / Aguirre
  4. Torre / Ramos
  5. Chiostri/Sanchez
  6. Barrera / Frugoni
  7. Britos / Del Moral
  8. Melgratti / Rolla

We hope that Federico Chiostri, injured in Beausoleil, will be fully recovered for the competition.

We will obviously follow the big battle that is coming between the numbers 1 Arce and Dal Bianco, and the numbers 2 De Pascual and Alfonso, in very good shape at the end of the season.

The groups will be released very soon, stay tuned!

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