While the day was marked by favorites who got the job done without too much difficulty, the Brussels evening was much more hectic!

A shower of tie-breaks

If for the girls, we will find the “roller eight” in the quarter-finals this Friday, for the men, two seeded players are missing. And quite surprisingly, it was in the hot moments that the favorites failed this Wednesday evening…

First it was Sanyo Gutiérrez and Maxi Sanchez (TS7) who suffered the law of young Pablo Garcia and Emilio Sanchez Chamero. These young people who are not even in the world Top 90 were able to realize their overall domination during two controlled tie-breaks. Victory 7/6 7/6 for those who had extinguished Pablo Lijo and José Diestro in the previous round and who qualify for the quarter-finals, where they will try to extend their journey against Galan and Chingotto (TS3). Not an easy task...

The other seed that bit the dust was the one made up of Momo Gonzalez and Alex Ruiz. The Andalusians, who started their second stage together in Belgium, ended up breaking down against two players who also found themselves in Brussels. These two men are Miguel Lamperti and Juan Cruz Belluati. The Argentines won the most competitive match against the Spaniards since the start of the competition, with a 7/6 6/7 7/6 victory at the end of the suspense. This Friday, they will try to create a new surprise against Coello and Tapia who also had to battle last night.

Indeed, while their main rivals crossed the eighth without incident, the number 1s were surprisingly pushed to their limits by Lucho Capra and Alex Chozas. The native of Quilmes and his new partner played their luck to the fullest and they did not come far from the feat. Unfortunately for them, Coello and Tapia were able to raise their voices when necessary to leave with the victory: 6/3 5/7 6/4 final score.

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