Jeremy Scatena and Sergio Icardo will not be in the quarterfinals of theAPT Padel Tour Master Paraguay. The Franco-Spanish pair bowed to Federico Chiostri et Gonzalo Alfonso (6/3 7/5).

The film of the match

Facing the seeded n ° 5 of the tournament, the new pair Scatena / Icardo didn't look like a favorite on paper.

The start of the match confirms the status of the two pairs: Chiosti / Alfonso entry breakent on service d'Icardo and win their two service games with authority: 3/0

It is on the service of Scatena that the Europeans launch their meeting. The Frenchman shows the way and confirms his role as blaster in this pair. The set is then hooked, and everyone wins their service games, leading us to a 6/3.

Jeremy and Sergio do not want to let go and start the second set with a very good level of play. During the best games of the match (in terms of level of padel), the Frenchman imposes his power by saving a break point with a magnificent par 4: “I have mammoth c *******,” expresses a euphoric Scat on the court.

A bad game at 5/5 of the Europeans will condemn them. They concede a new final break. 6/3 7/5 for Chiosti / Alfonso.

An encouraging match for Scat

Jeremy Scatena rage APT Padel Take the Tour

Jeremy Scatena and Sergio Icardo will not leave empty-handed from Paraguay. By a very nice victory in the previous round facing Calleja / Chozas (6/1 6/1), the Europeans had a lot to do with Federico Chiostri and Gonzalo Alfonso.

If we analyze the encounter in depth, the heart of the match was very balanced. A bad start and an air gap at the end of the game will have tipped the scales, but the duel was far from unbalanced.

La cohesion et the agreement of this new pair are not yet optimal, which gives Scat and Icardo plenty of room for improvement. Several unusual mistakes lead us to believe that these two players, who were only participating in their second tournament together, should gain momentum in the next stages of the APT.

Jeremy Scatena went back to “showman mode” at certain points in the meeting. Failing to qualify for the next round, the n ° 1 French internationally has found its mammoth origins in Paraguay, and that is a very good sign for the rest of the season. Case to follow.

For those who would like to see the match again, it's just below!

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