It's time to close the file Siux 2024 by “invoking” the model of the famous magician of padel, the brilliant Sanyo Gutiérrez. Siux has designed a racket to match the Argentinian's talent, thus offering him the opportunity to deploy his full potential in each match. The 38-year-old is unique in his ability to combine speed and finesse, power and control, and is a true playmaking machine. His technique and seemingly impossible shots make him a serene conjurer with a blood -cold and remarkably calm.

Diablo Revolution Pro 3: The Magician's Wand

Sorcerer Guttierez’s new wand finds its origins in two powerful terms: “diablo” and “revolution”. The name “diablo”, equivalent to “devil” in French, perfectly describes the former world number one, known for his cunning play on the field. This word can also be used in a lighter or more humorous way, as in the expression “a little devil”, which wonderfully illustrates the Argentine player by alluding to his clever and mystifying game, capable of surprising his opponents and captivating the audience. audience. His ability to anticipate the play of his rivals and to adapt quickly to different situations makes him a formidable opponent in the world of padel, just like the devil is in various cultures.

The term “revolution” is also loaded with meanings: it is often associated with notions of radical change, a break with the past and profound transformation. In the context that concerns us, it can be interpreted as a sudden and intense upheaval which replaces the previous model. From a technical point of view, the Revolution system involves the incorporation of a flat tubular into the frame of the racket. By pairing it with a specific deck, you benefit from improved vibration absorption, greater consistency and more firmness when typing.

By opting for a model whose etymology integrates these two powerful words, Siux pays tribute to the exceptional career of Sanyo Guttierez and his significant impact on the world of padel.

Versatility and delicacy

Now let's explore the technical specifications of this signature pala. First of all, its hybrid form, more suited to control thanks to its mid-low balance, is carefully crafted to match the versatility sought by the San Luis magician. Then, its core is made of a medium density EVA rubber similar to that of the Trilogy 4, thus providing an optimal balance between power and control. The faces of the pala are coated with 15K carbon fiber, which guarantees obvious strength and durability.

The Diablo Revolution 3 benefits, like all the other references I tested, from the tubular 3K carbon and aramid chassis ensuring remarkable robustness and longevity, while the 3D Decals sandblasted finish promises better grip. The Shock-Out brand supports anti-vibration technology with its dampeners integrated into the holes, reducing post-impact vibrations by up to 60% and thus reducing the risk of injury. In addition, the Dual Pro Grip in FOAM rubber ensures a more comfortable, firm and pleasant grip thanks to its slight relief on the surface. The aesthetics of this racket are truly striking.

The logo Siux, as on all Pro Series models, has been moved to the upper part of the sieve rather than in the center, in order to offer a more refined and elegant image to the product. The shiny red and black checkerboard pattern that covers almost the entire striking surface is both symbolic and obvious, referencing temptation and danger, with red being the iconic hue of Siux and also evoking the color of the... Devil!

In addition, the edges of the racket are decorated with patterns representing labyrinths, often symbolizing in religion the idea of ​​an initiatory journey to get rid of harmful influences and find the path towards light and truth. It's clear that every aspect of this racket has been carefully thought out and precisely designed, down to the smallest detail.


After hitting the first balls with this pala, I noticed that it offered excellent comfort, but was slightly lacking in power compared to other models Siux that I had tested before. You can feel the ball entering the screen, which allows you to have additional time to adjust your shots, thus improving comfort and considerably increasing the ideal hitting zone. Although this racket is not the most offensively powerful, it makes up for it with good maneuverability, assured comfort and increased tolerance for off-center hits. In addition, the ball release is clean, making it the most efficient racket in defense.

Thanks to its perfectly balanced teardrop shape, this pala excels in this facet of the game. It is ideally suited to right-wing players, but can be limited in the offensive sector for those looking for maximum power. However, this Diablo will appeal to intermediate and experienced players thanks to its well-balanced balance and obvious comfort.

Trilogy Pro 4 vs Diablo Revolution 3

The Trilogy Pro 4 was a real game-changer, because I absolutely did not expect to have so much power that the vast majority of players could control. Siux has created a racquet that makes no compromises and this model is a real visual treat with its sleek, contemporary aesthetic, suitable for both men and women looking for a high-performance, versatile racquet with an attacking look undeniable, which makes it a formidable asset for players who like dynamic and impactful play.

The Diablo Revolution 3 is suitable for players who adopt a calm and considered approach, favoring point construction and who are looking for a model that is maneuverable and efficient in all phases of play, even if they do not specifically dominate in a particular area . This racket is designed for advanced players, but is also ideal for intermediate levels. Comfortable when striking, maneuverable in defense and offering controllable power, the Diablo presents itself as a valuable ally for the widest spectrum of players. She doesn't excel in extremes and this versatility helps us perfect our technique and gives us that little extra to become better competitors. Note that the sound when typing is much rounder than that of all the other models tested.

I would like to warmly thank Grégory RUIZ, France sales manager, for traveling to Marseille to present this new collection to me. Our discussions after the session were very enriching and confirmed that we shared the same vision. Thanks also to my testing partners, Naph, Eric and Maxou, as well as the Tennis Club de Luminy, for allowing us to benefit from its court.

For your complete information, here are the differences between the 3 versions offered:

Siux Pro

  • Focus: performance and power
  • Target audience: advanced players
  • Description: designed for players looking for maximum power and precision. Range Siux Pro has a denser coating for heavy strikes and increased precision.

Siux Go

  • Focus: handling and ease of use
  • Target audience: beginner to intermediate players
  • Description: It has a coating including fiberglass for increased ball release and a large sweet spot for more consistent hits. This adds comfort and power generation without requiring advanced technique.

Siux Light

  • Focus: lightness, maneuverability
  • Target audience: players with arm problems, female audience
  • Description: This is the lightest option of the three. It features an ultra-light frame and a less dense carbon fiber covering, making it ideal for players who favor an easy swing and minimize strain on the wrist.
Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!