While the Brussels P2 is currently being played out, Premier Padel has just communicated the list of entrants for P2 in Seville, qualifying for which begins this weekend.

Looking at the men's list, we notice that Fernando Belasteguin and Juan Tello are well registered. Hit in the calf and absent in Belgium, will the “Boss” be back in Andalusia? This would be very good news for fans who want to see him with Tello.

Then, on the French side, we see that Thomas Leygue and his Spanish partner Fran Ramirez will again be present in advance. Beaten in the first round in Brussels, will the Franco-Spanish pair be able to do better in Seville?

Another Franco-Spanish pair is registered for the competition but is not sure if they will be able to participate. Indeed, Dylan Guichard and Ricardo Martinez are on the waiting list but will be the first called in the event of a withdrawal. So there is still hope.

Among the girls, Alix Collombon, still associated with Julieta Bidahorria, is once again the only Frenchwoman guaranteed to participate in the competition. The pairs Touly / Peco and Buteau / Zaccagnini, respectively 10th and 15th on the waiting list, should not normally see Andalusia…

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