Diego Ramos begins a second season on the A1 Padel. The 38-year-old Uruguayan has been gaining momentum since the first tournament in Cape Town. Elected MVP at the Seville Masters, The Bishop and his teammate Agustin “el Loco” Torre offered themselves the scalp of the TS3 at Beausoleil, By Pascual/Alfonso before falling to the future winners of the France Open, Arce and Dal Bianco. Interviewed for the occasion, Diego Ramos talks about his experience on the Fabrice Pastor circuit.

Torre Ramos final Canarias

Natural transition between WPT and A1Padel

“For a few years I played for the World Padel Tour. I've been on the A1 for two years Padel. Since the circuit started, it has grown and evolved a lot. Before finishing with the WPT, I started following the circuit called the APT for a bit so that I could acclimatize to it. The A1 is under constant development. In 1 year he has already developed a lot and I think he will continue his good development.”

"It's a family tour. If it happens that we change partners during the season, the circuit accepts it without problem. They are listening we feel that there is a real form of respect between the players and the organizers. I think the growth is also due to the good understanding between the owners of the circuit and the players.

The A1Padel, a circuit of the future

“Since I joined the A1 to today, the circuit has evolved, we have young players at high potential who join the circuit every year. Going to 1/8th, it gets complicated, it's a real war every time. You have to fight hard to qualify. The level of the circuit improves year after year.”

1/8 final A1Padel French Open

“Since last year it is impressive to see the evolution of young players on the circuit. The fact of putting previas in Madrid and Argentina for certain tournaments, it becomes more accessible for young people to integrate the different stages during the season. There are more players so more competitiveness so it can only evolve well.

Traveling, the hardest thing in the circuit

“I think traveling is the hardest part. It's always difficult to be away from home, from your family, but hey you get used to it, it's part of the game. We have to continue as long as possible.

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Vincent Gallie

A fan of oval football, round ball but also racket sports, he was stung by the padel during his adolescence in Galicia. As comfortable in front of the camera as behind a microphone, Vince will be able to bring his vision and expertise as a fan of the little yellow ball.