Nallé Grinda / Jeremy Scatena achieves a very good operation by winning the first Miami Open Bullpadel Cup beautiful Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne.

A match that you could follow live on the facebook page Padel Magazine and that you can review later HERE.

The French pair shine in Florida

The United States is gradually becoming a nation of padel. And Florida has even become a very beautiful locomotive with exceptional structures like those of Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne.

Facing Nallé Grinda / Jeremy Scatena, a pair that is not very active on the American circuit of padel, and yet one of the best pairs in the USA: Wayne Boich / Guillermo Alcorta.

The match was going to be exciting and it was. The game was logically oriented on the left-hander Nallé Grinda. But he managed to counter the numerous offensives of Boich / Alcorta. And Jérémy Scatena has often managed to cut the trajectories to surprise the opponents.

The French pair won in 2 sets: 6/4 6/2 under a dreamy sun seen from Europe.

An American future for now

It seems almost obvious, the French Jérémy Scatena does not intend to return to France or Spain:

Conditions in the United States are ideal. I can train, we do not have the same health constraints as in Europe and I can thus participate in the American circuit. 

When the professional season resumes, I will be ready for the resumption. And I promise you that the year ahead internationally will not be like the previous ones.

Obviously, I have a big thought for all the clubs and players who are not so lucky to be able to do otherwise. 

For his part, Nallé Grinda is one of the precursors of padel French and he moved to the United States:

We see the padel American take flight. This tournament is a perfect example.

The clubs are multiplying and the level is always higher. We had a great tournament on a great site. 

The adventure therefore continues in Florida and it could lead our French in the direction of another American test of padel à Padel Life. A first category tournament which is part of the circuit of the Federation of padel from Miami. A change of scenery, however, with this indoor club which will host the competition from January 22 to 24.


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Franck Binisti

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