The season is not over yet, but whatever happens, 2023 will remain an incredible year for Head !

First, let's talk about Paula Josemaria and Ari Sanchez. The two players 100% equipped by the brand have had a crazy season, and it may not be over yet! Indeed, the Spanish, who have already won 13 tournaments this season and are guaranteed to end the year at the top of the world rankings, could still add a few titles to this already exceptional year!

For the men, it's not bad either since Arturo Coello, the youngest number 1 in history, is also on track to finish the season in first place. The Valladolid native has had a 48-game winning streak with his partner Agustin Tapia.

In total, the Team Head has won 28 titles to date in 2023.

In addition to these excellent results at the professional level, the Austrian brand has made its mark this year at the hardware level, notably with the release of theExtreme One, the famous one-hole pala. THE Extreme-Motion et extreme pro, used respectively by Paula Josemaria and Arturo Coello, have also enjoyed great success with offensive players. The Speed ​​line, worn by Ari Sanchez at the highest level, has also attracted many Aficionados looking for versatility.

And that's not all: the balls of the company which launched into the padel 23 years ago are, in addition to being used on the World Padel Tour, the favorites of many players, with a market share estimated at more than 40% for Head !

now Head hopes that Arturo Coello, who is currently at the top of the rankings, will finish the season at the top of the world rankings. The brilliant left-hander is pretty well on his way to achieving this, and he and Agustin Tapia could even mathematically validate their first place this week in Malmö ! It would be a way to end the year on a high note for Head !

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