It was one of the soap operas of 2023: the possible separation of Juan LeBron and Ale Galan. Finally, those who were world number 1 for three years decided to continue their adventure. And according to Jorge Martinez, who took over from his former colleague Mariano Amat on the bench of Ale and Juan, it is clearly the end of the season which influenced this decision.

Very far from their standards during the first part of the season, mainly due to injuries, Galan and LeBron sometimes seemed a little lost on the track. But while many fans buried them, the Spaniards were able to rise from their ashes and find their way to victory. Players at the end of the season with five titles and a final between September and December, the Andalusian and the Madrilenian are back at full strength. And that’s a very good thing for their coach, as he revealed to our colleagues at Mundo Deportivo : “We always believed that this duo had to continue, that we had to fight to overcome the difficulties and that the best option for Ale and Juan professionally was to stay together.”

For the Spanish technician, it’s simple, Galan and Lebron must make a pair: “They are a reference couple and, from my point of view, they will not find a better solution. Together they are stronger than separately. It was the best choice. The second half of the year made them grow. From there, they went through a process, had to mature the decision and found that they could play and live together well."

With Lebron hopefully fully recovered from his arm injury, the 2020 World Champions could once again assert themselves as the best pair in the world. We are already looking forward to see what the start of the season will have in store for us!

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