It is customary to say that it is when their backs are against the wall that great champions are strongest. Juan Lebron and Ale Galan are proving it to the planet padel.

The rebirth of champions

The pair that dominated the padel world player for three years had a very difficult start to the season, with injuries, heavy defeats and a confidence that abandoned them for a good part of the year, to the point of letting rumors of separation emerge...

But with Juan LeBron finally in full possession of his means, the Spaniards are showing everyone that they are still quite capable of playing leading roles.

This weekend in Menorca, they completely eclipsed Agustin Tapia / Arturo Coello, a pair who had systematically had the upper hand on them before this victory acquired with pain in Düsseldorf.

The end of rumors?

Finally, it seems that this German success has completely revived the 2020 World Champions, who after losing in the semi-final in Amsterdam, added a title to their collection in the Balearic Islands. You didn't really believe it at the time, but the former number 1s seem to be back!

It's simple, after spending the entire start of the season without lifting a single trophy, the Spaniards have won three titles in the last five WPT competitions.

Enough to dispel all separation rumors? Maybe not yet, but if Ale and Juan continue their momentum during the last three tournaments of the season, it will be difficult to see them put an end to their shared adventure...

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