It was the most anticipated poster of the day: the current number ones, Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia, were opposed to the eternal Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan for a place in the final in Düsseldorf. In a crazy match that gave us chills, Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan defeated their beast nemesis, Coello/Tapia after more than 2h30 of play, 3-6, 7-6(8), 6-4.

This was the fifth confrontation between the two pairs this season, the previous four having been won by Coello/Tapia so far, with a few minor controversies along the way.

Coello/Tapia, all in control

A few balls played and the tone is already set in this meeting. Unlike the first men's semi-final of the day, won by Stupaczuk and Di Nenno, the winning smashes quickly invaded the Düsseldorf track, despite unfavorable conditions for the hitters.

The start of the match is quite balanced and if Lebron and Galan are the first to break, they are caught immediately afterwards. Coello and Tapia show their power and they break again, taking control of the first round.

Alejandro Galan and Juan LeBron try everything. The grids, the slammed smashes, the long lines, everything to destabilize their opponents. But it takes more to sow disorder among the world number ones, who won the first set without too much difficulty: 6-3.

Tension and mentality for Lebron/Galan

No revolt for the former world number ones, totally cornered by the strikes of their opponents. Alejandro Galan made a series of mistakes, allowing Coello and Tapia to take the advantage at the start of this second round and sign the first break, stringing together two shutouts and eight points in a row.

The tension will even rise a notch in this part, with a heated exchange between Juan Lebron and the referee, over a too long serve from Agustín Tapia. “If you really say that this ball is good, I'm leaving because it's a shame”, these are the words spoken by the reckless Lobo. A little shock for Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan, who return in this round and break to get back on track.

Both teams manage to maintain their service and the exchanges become balanced. Despite a set point saved on his serve for the Coello/Tapia pair, on a huge disagreement between Lebron and Galan, it is quite natural that this second set heads towards a tie-break.

Each meeting between the Coello/Tapia and Lebron/Galan pairs seems marked by refereeing controversies. After Tapia's ball being too long on serve, a new foul ball from the Spanish-Argentinian pair caused annoyance among both pairs, after a video referee which led to a stoppage of play for several minutes.

Five set points later, the former world number ones are back to one set everywhere.

Score of the second round: 7-6 (8).


At the end of the suspense, Lebron and Galan have their revenge

A flying start for Lebron and Galan, who were full of confidence after winning the second round. At the end of a first game hung on the service of Arturo Coello, they won the first point of gold of this decisive set and confirmed it in pain, with a new point of gold.

They were not far from sinking, the world number ones. Affected psychologically and physically, Coello and Tapia did not go far from 0-4. On a third game at 40-40, they finally managed to convert a gold point and returned to 3-2 in this set, still one break behind. But hope is not extinguished among the kings of the circuit.

Like this set, the last game is played on yet another gold point. And since we cannot attend a Coello/Tapia and Lebron/Galan meeting without a controversy with the referee, the last point will remain marked by this net touched by Arturo Coello, decision of the video referee. Final score: 6-4.

The beautiful image will come at the end of the meeting, when handshaking. Lebron spoke at length with Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello, apologizing for what may have happened between them since the start of the season. Fair play for the Lobo, who has a meeting tomorrow, with his partner Ale Galan, for an XXL meeting against some super players who have been very fit in recent weeks.

The finals will be followed tomorrow, from 11 a.m., on Canal +. Comments: Laura Clergue and Sébastien Heulot.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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