Lucile Pothier looks back on her separation with Jessica Ginier, and on her new upcoming association with Charlotte Soubrié.

Two beautiful years with Jessica Ginier

“We shared two great years together, marked by Jess’s return after her pregnancy and my change of position on the field during the first year.

However, what I particularly remember is last year with our victory in Monaco (my first international tournament), our participation in two major tournaments, the WPT in Toulouse and the Premier Padel Paris Major, the European Olympic Games, this place as vice-champions of France in pairs (my first final in three participations) and the victory at the P2000 in Bordeaux.

Jessica Ginier and Lucile Pothier at Frances 2023

Sometimes we observe pairs on the professional circuit achieving excellent results, but who nevertheless separate. It’s a bit the same case here since Jessica wanted to take another direction by becoming more involved on the international scene.”

The victory at the Bordeaux P1000 with Charliotte Soubrié, a positive sign!

“I will now play with Charlotte Soubrié! We get along very well and communicate frequently. Our victory together at the P1000 in Bordeaux last year was a positive sign, and we had an excellent understanding on the ground. I can't wait to start this new chapter with her, from Carquefou P2000 this weekend !

Soubrié Pothier 4padel Bordeaux

We have not yet discussed our schedule, but if our professional commitments allow us, we will participate in international tournaments. We know that it is in these competitions that we gain valuable experience by facing players that we are not used to meeting.

So if I have the opportunity to play internationally, I will. Of course, it won't be a 100% season, because of my job. It was an opportunity that I had thought about with Jess, but for me it was complicated with my job and Jess also with her family and professional responsibilities. I wish Jess good luck internationally. May his last season be the best.

With Charlotte, we share the same state of mind, which makes our association very interesting!”

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