Little by little, the emblematic players of the padel French people bow out. After Benjamin Tison and Jérémy Scatena, who decided to stop at the end of 2023, Jessica Ginier announces that she only has one year left as a player. On this occasion, we speak with the Lyonnaise, who recently decided to separate from Lucile Pothier.

A new pair with Carla Touly

“I will favor international tournaments. for this last big year of padel, and I will be associated with Carla Touly.

Separating from Lucile is a choice. We wanted to try the adventure with Carla because we know each other well. 2024 will be my last year, and Carla is participating in international events. It turns out that I wish, precisely for this last season in the padel, give it my all, go as far as possible, and see what I can do. Carla and I said to ourselves that it was certainly the right time, and an opportunity for both of us to try something without setting ourselves any goals.

Touly and Ginier at tennis

In terms of training, Carla is in Barcelona and I am in Lyon, but we will try to train together. Sometimes I will move, sometimes it will be the opposite.

I will also do the 2024 French Championships with Carla, it will normally be my last French Championships. With Carla, we will perhaps also make the National 1 with All In. It is not yet 100% certain, but if she plays for All In, we will certainly play together depending on the choices of the team captain and oppositions.”

Priority on the FIP Tour and Premier Padel

“I will also try to do the circuit Premier Padel, including stages P1, P2, and Major if possible. France will be less of a priority, but I will definitely do one or two P2000s depending on the international calendar. I want to play the FIP Tour card to the fullest, and try to obtain points to be able to play in Rome, at Roland, and in the biggest international tournaments.

For me, this is my last big year of padel and I will try to put all the ingredients together to go as far as possible and see how far I can go. I've been mainly on the French circuit for six or seven years and so we're going to try to see what it can do on the international circuit. That way, I won't have any regrets.

Ginier Pothier at Roland Garros

I hope that I will still be part of the French team adventure in 2024, but it will also necessarily be a last one for me.

With family life and work, you have to make choices, so I'm giving myself this last year. Then I will stay in the padel, I might continue to do some regional tournaments. But the life of a player padel at today’s level, it will be over.

The adventure with Carla begins in Sweden. I obviously wish good luck to Lucile with whom I had a great time. I thank her and wish her good luck for the future.”

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