Last tournament of the regular season, this first final pits Beatriz Gonzalez (5) / Delfina Brea (6) and Alejandra Salazar (7) / Sofia Araujo (9), won by the players of the moment. 3rd consecutive title, 13th consecutive victory, 6th final of the season: an extraordinary end to the season for formidable players before next week's master final in Barcelona.

A first set dominated by Beatriz and Delfina: 6/0 in 28 minutes.

From the start of the match, Delfi struggled to get into the game, but her partner, on cloud nine, managed everything, allowing them to make the entry break. The match really takes off, and the points keep coming thanks to Bea in great form. Break confirmed at 3/0.

Alejandra Salazar, trying to compensate for the incredible level of her opponents, overplays to make the difference, but without having good feelings. She can't find her aerial game and makes unexpected mistakes with a lot of errors.

At 5/0 when changing sides, Alejandra and Sofia's coach asks them to remain stoic and wait for the storm to pass. However, returning to the field proves complicated. The set ends very quickly: 6/0 in 28 minutes.

A set to forget for Sofia, who leaves the field annoyed to pull herself together. Bea, for her part, remains in a state of grace, facing a helpless Alejandra who is absent from the game.

Delfina Brea and Bea Gonzalez Milano premier padel

The second set ends the streak of 9 consecutive games

The second set marks the end of the streak of nine consecutive games won by Delfi and Bea. Playing with more and more relaxation and confidence, they display an incredible game and seem to be at the top of their form. They do not doubt for a moment, facing Sofia and Alejandra, who seem helpless and in difficulty, unable to start this second set with new strategies.

The score progresses quickly in favor of Delfi and Bea, reaching 3/0. This is their ninth game won in a row. However, the change of sides is beneficial for Sofia and Alejandra, invigorated by the advice of their coach: “You have to find the right lob, take the net, and avoid mistakes. Stay calm, move your legs well and keep as many balls in play as possible. Don’t make things too easy for your opponents.”

The coach's advice seems to be bearing fruit: Sofia and Alejandra return to 3/2 after a break, regaining a foothold in the match. Delfina and Beatriz, for their part, seem a little distracted by this change in dynamic, expecting mistakes that no longer come. Their state of grace seems to have passed, forcing them to return to more solid tactics. The two begin to make mistakes in turn, and the match takes a new turn.

The following games are much more closely contested, with longer points and without a break, until a tie-break triggered by an exceptional exit from Sofia.

Finally, in this tie-break, Delfi and Bea find the solutions and win the round 7/4.

Delfina Brea and Bea Gonzalez Milano premier padel

The first female pair to win the Milan tournament, Delfina Brea expresses her gratitude: “Thank you everyone for this impressive week. We had a truly remarkable week. I'm at a loss for words. We are very tired and are going to rest. I would like to congratulate Bea and our entire team. In the second set, we saw our opponents come back into the game, and we were happy to see them regain some ground.”

Bea Gonzalez, sharing her impressions, adds: “We had to redouble our efforts in this second round. This victory means a lot to me. We excelled in the first round, everything was going perfectly. We would like to congratulate our opponents for their performance in this tournament.

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