The semi-finals are now over for Drôme, with the victory of Julien Seurin et Adrian Dandois (TS2) and that of François Authier et justin lopes (TS3), during P1000 WeOui Bourg-Lès-Valence.

Now, the two pairs will meet in the final this afternoon. A meeting that you can follow live and in full on Padel MagTV.

Julien Seurin and Adrien Dandois, without problem

During the first semi-final, which you were able to follow live on Padel MagTV, Julien Seurin et Adrian Dandois did not want to waste a lot of time on the ground. In particular playing conditions, with a lot of wind, they were the ones who knew how to handle the situation best.

In the first set, quite tight, Julien and Adrien are the first to break. Nathan Courrin et Thomas Seux have, just after, lots of opportunities to come back. However, despite the numerous chances, they were unable to come back and lost the first set 6/3.

In the second set, we feel the Courrin/Seux pair very feverish. She often finds herself countered in her attacks, suffering from the good defense of her opponents. The two players are a little helpless compared to the quality of play of Adrien Dandois and Julien Seurin. The latter win 6/1 in the second and qualify for the final.

Stats half P1000 BlV

Authier/Lopes leaves seed 1

François Authier et justin lopes delivered a very good performance during the other semi-final, of which you were also able to follow the end of the match live.

A very close match between the two teams, with a first set that lasted. However, the first set was ultimately won by the 3rd seed, 6/3.

The second set left with the same intensity and as balanced as ever. However, the faults come a little more from the part of Damier Bayard et Benjamin Grue. These small errors led to the break which cost the 1st seed the match!

Victory for François Authier and Justin Lopes: 6/3 6/3.

The final will be available to watch live, once again, on Padel MagTV, from 14h :

Gwenaelle Souyri

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