Le first P2000 of 2024 saw the pairs Blanqué / Leygue and Soubrié / Pothier win at UrbanPadel from Nantes-Carquefou.

It was sort of back to school this weekend in Loire-Atlantique, and fans came in numbers to warm up on the Urban slopes.Padel of Carquefou were able to attend a padel high quality. A tournament overall a little crazy, what could be more normal in Carquefou, with small surprises on all floors. Despite this, the big favorites were there for the finals this Sunday. Indeed, among the men and women, we found the seeds 1 and 2 opposed for the title.

On the men's side, the reigning French Champions and big favorites of the competition Bastien Blanqué and Thomas Leygue proved once again that they were the current bosses in France.

In the final, however, they were well shaken by Adrien Maigret and the Spaniard Adria Mercadal. Unfortunately for her, the 2nd seed put up a good fight but was unable to make the difference in the heated moments. Indeed, the Franco-Spanish pair will have obtained sixteen break points but will not have converted a single one... The masters of hot moments, who will not have conceded their service of the tournament even once, win 6/3 6/4 in 1h30 and claim their first title of the season.


On the women's side, the meeting started with a real recital by Ligi and Phaysouphanh. Sharper, the 2nd seed very quickly managed to lead 4/1 and seemed on course to win the first set. But that was without counting on the strong comeback of Pothier and Soubrié who passed a 5/0 to their opponents and, somewhat against all expectations, won the first round.

The second act would see the 1st seed continue its momentum, despite the self-sacrifice of the outsiders. Final score 6/4 6/2 for Lucile Pothier and Charlotte Soubrié who celebrate their new association with a coronation. Like Bastien and Thomas among the men, Lucile and Charlotte will not have left the slightest set on the way to Carquefou.


The first P2000 has delivered its verdict, see you at the beginning of May for the next one, which will take place at PadelShot Caen.

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