With 37 000 spectators, the Greenweez Paris Major ranks second among the stages Premier Padel since the start of the season.

In fact, only the P1 in Mendoza, which welcomed 56 people, has done better than the Roland-Garros stage to date. Nothing very surprising when we know the Argentinian passion for padel and for sport in general.

Roland Garros Premier Padel 2023
PARIS FRANCE SEPTEMBER 09 Paris Premier Padel 2023 at Stade Roland Garros on September 09 2023 in Paris France Photo by Silvestre SzpylmaPremier Padel

In Europe, on the other hand, no city has done better than Paris to date. Rome, with its 25 spectators, and Madrid, with its 000, are not very far, but still remain behind this “Roland-Garros du padel".

The proof that if the craze for padel in France is not yet at the level of Spain or even Italy, interest in professional competitions is very present. A good omen for the future!

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