New thunderbolt in Saudi Arabia! We already have a surprise while the round of XNUMX du Premier Padel Riyadh P1 have only just started.

First match of the day on track 1 and first sensation with the elimination of the 7 seed formed by Alex Ruiz and Juan Tello.

The tormentors of this pair are none other than Nachi Sager and Salva Oria, two players who started in previas! After making Leal and Diestro crack yesterday, the pair from qualifying did the same this Wednesday against Tello / Ruiz.

However, the favorites had started rather well by snatching the first set in the tie-break. The second act also offered a decisive game to the Saudi public, but this time it was the outsiders who went for it. Completely dejected after missing a great opportunity to come away with a victory in straight sets, “El Gato” and “Captain America” completely collapsed, conceding a 6/0 to end the match!

This is a huge performance for Sager and Oria who will meet tomorrow Juanlu Esbri and José Rico (who disposed of Zapata / Goenaga in an hour this Wednesday: 6/3 6/4), for a completely new quarter-final !

For their part, Rodrigo Ovide's players, who decided to continue together in 2024 after not really convincing in 2023, began with disillusionment. They can always console themselves by saying that Navarro / Gutiérrez (TS4) and Capra / Belasteguin (TS6) did even worse than them, and try to do better in Qatar!

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