We're getting to the heart of the matter on the Riyadh side, with the start of the round of 1 this Wednesday morning. If we were treated to some sensations yesterday, the big favorites are still in the running in Saudi Arabia, and we will be able to see the heads seeded 2, 3 and XNUMX at work today, among the men and among the ladies. But this is not all, many clashes promise to be indecisive in the Saudi heat.

Among the most interesting posters of the day we think of:

  • Osoro / Virseda vs Llaguno / Sainz: can the pair, barely formed but who will separate at the end of the tournament, impose their status as seed 7 against two of the most experienced players on the circuit?
  • Bergamini / Ruiz vs Campagnolo / Gutiérrez: which of the two former Brazilian teammates will win the right diagonal?
  • Patiniotis / Dominguez vs Arroyo / Alonso: can the strikers of Bela / Capra confirm against one of the most promising pairs of this start of the season?
  • Lebron / Galan vs Sanz / Nieto: already a first test for the numbers in the FIP ranking!
  • Yanguas / Garrido vs Chingotto / Gonzalez: the clash of former teammates!
  • ...

You understand, we are expecting a big day of padel on February 28. Will we still have right to surprises ? The best way to find out is to follow the matches live! Here is the program for the day:

Here are the links to follow the meetings live:

Central track

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

[Update: the central track and track 1 matches are not broadcast in France]

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