Cruel defeat for Thomas Leygue and his new partner Fran Ramirez, who bowed in the first round of the main draw in three sets. The Franco-Spanish pair clashed with the duo Teo Zapata et Enrique Goenaga. The latter imposed themselves, in pain, 6/2, 6/7(1), 6/4.

Difficult start to the match for Leygue/Ramirez, quickly trailing behind. The results of this first round are also quite severe since Thomas and Fran suffer two breaks without having the slightest opportunity to return to the score on the service of their opponents. On the scoreboard, this makes 6/2.

The second set is much more balanced than the first. Moreover, no break will be conceded by one of the two teams, although Goenaga / Zapata has had to save two break points. In the end, this set unsurprisingly headed towards a tie-break, completely overlooked by Thomas Leygue and Fran Ramirez. They won 7-1 and can start dreaming of a second round again.

Thomas Leygue Fran Ramirez Puerto Cabello P2

Sadly, the energy spent in the first two sets will be costly to Thomas and Fran, a little tough in this third set. Only one break point was enough for Enrique and Teo who won the decisive round 6/4 and therefore flew towards a second round in the main draw.

There may be regrets for Thomas Leygue and Fran Ramirez, who still offered a very good level of play on the track in Venezuela. If that will not have been enough this time, it still bodes well for the future.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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