We may not be at the end of our surprise in Qatar. After seeing a total of six seeds fall before the quarters, we wonder who will create the sensation this Wednesday.

Victorious in a huge shock against Lebron and Galan, Yanguas and Garrido will try to qualify for a first semi-final together. To achieve this, they will have to dismiss their young compatriots Alonso and Arroyo, who are full of confidence after their victory against Ruiz / Tello (TS7).

Still in training, by “Super Raton”’s own admission, Momo Gonzalez and Fede Chingotto would like to create a small feat against Stupa and Di Nenno, but the task looks complicated for Gaby Reca's men.

It should also be difficult for Nieto and Sanz against Coello / Tapia. Can the Spaniards, victorious in the clash between pairs 8 and 9 yesterday (against Bergamini / Ruiz), worry what are the big favorites of the prognosticators since the defeat of Lebron / Galan?

Finally, Paquito and Sanyo, after taking their revenge yesterday and accumulating confidence, will they be able to escape the trap that Javi Ruiz and Pablo Cardona want to set for them?

Among the girls, we are entitled to two very nice posters: Brea / Gonzalez vs Salazar / Icardo and Josemaria / Sanchez vs Jensen / Castello.

Can the veterans Sainz and Llaguno hope to create a surprise against the Triay / Fernandez duo, who played their second official match yesterday?

Finally, novices at this level of the competition, Sharifova and Carnicero, who defeated Araujo/Riera in sixteenth, would like to shake up the new Ortega/Virseda pair!

Here is the detailed program for the day:

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