Sanyo Gutiérrez on the A1 Padel, this would give a serious boost to Fabrice Pastor's circuit. If we are to believe the Argentine player, it is entirely possible, but perhaps not right away.

Interviewed by Mundo Deportivo, the 39-year-old, explained that he was not closing the door to what he describes as “a very nice circuit”:

“When I can no longer win a match against all these cracks, I'm going to A1 Padel. I don't know exactly how it works, but if the day I stop playing Premier Padel, the boss of the circuit lets me play, I will be very happy to do so.”

A bit like Cristian Gutiérrez or Tito Allemandi, Sanyo could therefore end his career on this circuit which he judges “very interesting because it allows younger people to gain experience.” He even admits to following A1 more Padel that World Padel Tour ou Premier Padel "

“When I'm competing and there's also an A1 tournament Padel, I follow these matches more than ours. I adore."

A compliment that should please Fabrice Pastor!

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