We were lucky enough to be able to test the news Kuikma PS Dynamic 990 : a top-of-the-range model of the brand, which promises a lot!

Kuikma is offering two models of high-end men's shoes for 2021, sold 64,99 €. The PS 990 Stability and the PS 990 Dynamic that we are going to test today. A shoe we had for you already presented recently, and which this time we were able to examine from every angle!

Kuikma 990 Dynamic shoes test padel mag

First impressions and comfort

The shoe that we received in color “blue black / fluorescent acid yellow” is very pretty, and you can feel, by touching the integrated liner, that you will be comfortable. This first impression is confirmed when you try it on: the large tongue allows you to put these shoes on like a glove. The fleece liner surrounds your foot well, and the plush insole gives you a exceptional comfort.

With its 345 grams, the PS 990 Dynamic is not heavy. The brand's desire to be inspired by running shoes is successful since the'we feel so comfortable in these new Kuikma that we quickly forget that we have shoes on!


The brand promises dense cushioning, and indeed the EVA Cushioning found in the midsole gives us a excellent energy return. So that this high density does not impact comfort, the softer foam insert in the heel and the padded insole make the set very pleasant. In the end, we have cushioning that is both dynamic and comfortable, a great job!

Kuikma shoes PS990 Dynamic blue yellow

Traction, support and stability

On the back, the liner goes up high at the heel, so that the foot is perfectly wedged in the shoe. The KnitMesh stretch liner maintains your foot well and the lacing system with a tongue that covers the liner allows you to tighten optimally. This solution also makes it possible to avoid the accumulation of sand in the shoe!

cushioning eva kuikma ps 990

The special deep herringbone sole padel offered us a excellent grip. No slipping to deplore on the sandy track on which we performed the test. The side reinforcements give you good stability and you really feel safe on all trips.

Kuikma PS990 sole


In conclusion, this PS Dynamic 990 is a great achievement. The French brand has succeeded in its bet to offer a latest generation shoe, which is close to the comfort of runnings. Super comfortable, light, flexible, this new Kuikma really impressed us. The numerous reinforcements on the upper and on the sole seem to indicate that it should hold up well over time. Kuikma did not hesitate to guarantee it 2 years. Of course, you can always find more lightness and technology from other brands, but not even 65 €, the price / quality ratio is really unbeatable !

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