Le new competition guide of the French Tennis Federation has not failed to get people talking in recent days.

One of the most debated measures: prohibiting members of the Top 500 from participating in the P250. Indeed, we have seen many players on social networks complaining about this new feature, and demanding that the restrictions be based on team weight and not on individual ranking. It seems that those we hear the most are actually a minority…

Indeed, according to a survey carried out by our friends at Casa Padel, more than 90% of you no longer want Top 500 players in the P250. In other words, the respondents believe that this category of tournaments should be limited to players with a lower level, closer to leisure.

These figures should be taken with a grain of salt because only 274 people responded. We might have somewhat different numbers with more voters. But in any case, we can say that not everyone is against this new measure, far from it!

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