This Monday from 12:30 p.m., Benjamin Tison and Aitor Garcia will make their debut in the main draw of the Milano Premier Padel P1.

And facing them, another pair from the previas will present themselves: Victor Mena / Nicolas Suescun. A special confrontation already because it pits the two former partners Benjamin and Victor against each other.

In addition, we are dealing with two pairs which are very close in the ranking. Suescun and Mena are respectively 78th and 80th in the FIP ranking, while Tison and Garcia are in 65th and 97th position. Two duos who seem very close, and who could offer us a very close match. Will the Franco-Spanish pair manage to win? Response from 12:30 p.m. HERE.

Remember that at the same time Thomas Leygue and Ferran Insa will enter the running on the track 1. It is a much more complicated confrontation for the two young men who face two members of the Top 50: Jairo Bautista and Jaime Muñoz.

The program and links to follow Monday:

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