Miguel Yanguas should have an eighth teammate in 2023: Sanyo Gutiérrez, with whom he will normally compete in the WPT Master Final.

The end of the season is fast approaching, and with it the Master Final, in which only the sixteen best players of the year participate.

For the moment, Miguel Yanguas occupies 15th place, and his teammate Fernando Belasteguin, 17th, will not be able to catch Coki Nieto, 16th, because his forearm injury forced him to withdraw from the last two tournaments of the regular season, Malmö and Mexico.

For his part, Sanyo Gutiérrez is in 11th place, but his nephew Agustin, with whom he only recently joined forces, is in 25th place, and his chances of joining the Top 16 are very low (he had 1025 points behind Nieto at the start of the tournament).

If nothing is done yet, the most likely is that Yanguas and Gutiérrez will both be without a partner for the season-closing tournament.

Asked by our colleagues Trademarks, the Andalusian explained that Sanyo had already given him his agreement to participate in the competition with him. Not decided to leave his post even for a tournament, the young player of 1m89 explained that he had already advised the Argentinian to “work on smashing the grid from the left side.”

In all likelihood, “Mike” will therefore end the season with an eighth different partner, he who knew three teammates before starting his stage with Bela (Arroyo, Augsburger and Gonzalez) and three since the injury of the “Boss” (Victor Ruiz, Chingotto and Garcia).

Together, will Miguel and Sanyo be able to surprise like Chingotto and Di Nenno did last season?

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