This is certainly the match that all the fans have been waiting for: the revenge of Premier Padel Qatar Major between the pairs Lebron / Galan and Garrido / Yanguas. This confrontation which spill a lot of ink, and which led to the separation of Ale and Juan, will take place again this Friday.

How could it be otherwise? Lebron and Galan, who are playing their last tournament together, will cross swords today in Acapulco with those who eliminated them from the Qatar Major in a more than stormy encounter. The perfect opportunity to close a painful episode for Jorge Martinez's players, who, as Galan explained before the competition, want to end their association in the best possible way.

Will we once again be treated to a heated encounter between these two pairs who will face each other for the second and last time? Response early in the evening on the YouTube channel of Premier Padel !

The shift schedule here:

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