Interviewed by us in Doha after his match at Premier Padel Qatar Major, Benjamin Tison announced to stop playing on the WPT.

As you may have seen when the WPT Paraguay Open previa charts came out, Benjamin Tison and his new partner Victor Mena did not register.

The reason is simple, the Parisian, as he explained to us yesterday, decided to stop participating in the events of the circuit managed by Setpoint Events SA:

"This year, as many know, I will stop the World Padel Tour. I think that Premier Padel I'm going to win and I'm going to do some tournaments on FIPs, PP stages and why not some APTs.”

The French number 1 believes that despite the recent rapprochement between the two circuits, it is good Premier Padel which in the long term will keep the best players in the world. Like others before him, he decided to turn away from World Padel Tour.

For the moment, there are therefore only three French people on the WPT events: Thomas Leygue for the men and of course Léa Godallier and Alix Collombon for the women!

However, the tricolor does not close any doors. The WPT is no longer his priority, but he does not refrain from taking a few steps, such as the one that takes place in France: the Human Padel Open.

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